Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eating Crow...or Buzzard

Yesterday started off really well. I had my to-do list and was feeling up to the challenge. The top of the list was to visit my local library to politely argue over a missing DVD. The said DVD was showing up on my account info. and I knew I had returned it. I even remembered looking in the case to make sure the disc was there. So, I walked up to the front desk cocked and loaded - polite, mind you. Of course, I got the one librarian who I knew to be rather brusque. She actually handled the situation really well, asking me to double check back at home, in my car, etc. I'm sure I was oozing sarcasm as I patiently explained that I had looked everywhere - and, don't forget, I even checked the case! After asking for the worst case scenario and being told it would cost $25, I lost a little of the patience declaring that I would NOT be paying for something I had returned. But, I dutifully agreed to check at home again and thanked her - politely.

I let the incident fade throughout the day and had totally forgotten about it. Well, after I vented my frustration to my loving husband after his long day at work, I forgot about it. And, then, what do you know?? My son comes over to me with a ..."So, you returned this to the library, huh?" (obviously, I had mentioned it in his presence, too.) He was looking for a movie to watch last night and found the *#@ DVD by the side of the TV- the same spot I remember taking it from and then returning it to the library!

So, today I'm off to the library again to apologize for my mistake yesterday and to sincerely beg forgiveness.

Confession is good for the soul....thanks for listening.