Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lagging on the Posting

Why is it so difficult for me to post more frequently? Could it be that I feel like I'm spinning around daily in a cyclone, being whirled from one activity to the next at a maddening speed? Now, I didn't say the activities were necessarily extremely important. But even sitting down to the computer, I suddenly am lost in the archives of others' blogs and before I know it - an hour has past, leaving no time for me to sit and ponder, staring at the screen of my own blog, trying to think of what's on my mind. So, if by chance, you're one of the 3 people that get on to me for not posting more often - here it post for the month of July. Not informative or even exciting, but representative of what's on my mind. Apparently, not much...I'll try harder next month!