Thursday, November 13, 2008

Silver Bells

I heard it today – the first Christmas music in the material world. At first, I had to stop the grocery shopping I was doing to listen and make sure I was really hearing what I thought I was hearing. It was unmistakable – soft, background strains of holiday music. Amazing…it gets earlier every year.

As I get older, I realize that a pattern in my behavior is developing. I start out fine with the whole holiday scene, somewhat excited about it all as I revisit childhood memories and the excitement of decorating the tree, the smell of baking, the joy of giving just the right gifts. But as the weeks progress, I’ll admit, I fall into a mild depression. I get so tired of commercial after commercial bombarding me with what I need to make this the most special Christmas ever. Then, the fatigue sets in from trying to get it all done - and done just right. And, before long, I’m wasted and ready for the whole thing to be over, feeling futile in my attempts. As a Christian, I realize this is just representative of the struggle to allow God’s grace to be sufficient for me. I know the true meaning of Christmas. My struggle is in keeping Him first and foremost above the holiday stresses and materialistic interruptions. But, then, that’s really just my life’s struggle compacted, and magnified, into 4-6 weeks of the year.

I so want this Christmas to be filled with the things that really matter – love, laughter and, above all, time to be still and reflect on just what this time of year celebrates – my Savior, born in a manger, come into this world to die a horrible death so that I could be saved from my sin. He is the most precious gift and He is the celebration. But, then, shouldn’t that be a celebration everyday in my heart?

I plan on keeping you posted throughout this season on how I’m progressing in this quest – or should I say rest? Now, time to dig out that wrapping paper I bought on sale last year…xox- Robin