Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Confessions of a Pitiful Poster

I'll admit that I've been a pitiful poster here for the last...well, just look at the date on the last post. Pitiful! We have so much going on in our little world right now that my head is literally spinning. And, it's all happening so fast!

Here's the brief: no more homeschooling, so we needed to find a school for the boy who will be in 9th grade, the girl was graduating (if you've ever filled out fafsa - nuff said), and we needed to find the right house and get him registered for school. Well, God has truly brought it all together better than I ever anticipated. There are so many small details that I'd love to share, and this whole experience has led me to a greater awareness of His impeccable timing and my need to not fret and to just trust Him!

We are now in the throws of post- graduation (the graduation ceremony was beautiful, she was radiant and now she's looking forward to attending Watkins College of Art & Design). We are packing up and moving out June 30th to our new little country-style house and Sean will be attending the high school he was hoping for. I can't wait to share pics of the house with you, but I need to get moved in and settled first, I think. Or, just drive on out and visit us!

I do have pics of the graduation ceremony(LOTS of em, but I could only put 5 on here?). I have to say that I am so proud of our little girl...

I'm hoping to be a better blogger as soon as the dust settles - of course, dust never truly settles...hmmm.

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Nanette R. said...

You're such a pitiful slacker/poster! HAHAHA! :-)